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From the Mountains of Afghanistan to the White House Situation Room: How a SEAL Team Intelligence Officer Uses Planning to Make Critically Important Life and Death Decisions
Mark A. Michel – Day 1 Keynote Speaker

“From the Mountains of Afghanistan to the White House Situation Room …” is the decision making and planning process of how to determine when to commit valuable resources such as lives, equipment and assets.  Detailed and pain staking planning together with expert training go into finally making the decision for a “go or no-go” launch.  All the homework on every outcome and potential scenario is done well in advance of ever making it to the point where your foot is in the door of a helicopter about to walk on target.

Join Commander Michel of Drexel Hamilton Investment Banking, in a lively discussion of how to get to the point of when you decide to launch and commit to the point of no return when lives and national security are on the line and at risk.  When do you ask yourself…”is the juice worth the squeeze” and when would you as a decision maker be prepared to pull the trigger.


Teamwork, a Matter of Life and Death
William E. McCorey – Day 2 Keynote Speaker

Look to the person on your left. Look to the person on your right. Would you trust those individuals with your life? As a leader, you don’t always get to pick the team that controls your fate. Bill McCorey knows this better than anyone. Dangling from a rope over a 10,000 foot drop after a harrowing fall while climbing Mount Rainier, McCorey relied on his largely unknown team to pull him back to safety. The experience changed his life and his views on leadership. In this exciting keynote, McCorey shares how to work together and succeed as a team to climb higher as an organization.

Plan. Prepare. Persevere. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
Ann Schatz – Conference Moderator and Closing Keynote Speaker

Let’s face it – our worlds are nuts. We’re constantly being told to do more with less; yet despite this, the bar has never been set higher. How do we set ourselves up for success in these increasingly chaotic times?

That’s where Ann Schatz has got you covered! Join the veteran sports broadcaster’s on her personal journey to the three P’s. Her mantra of planning, preparing and persevering began with a crossroads moment that gave rise to ‘The Plan’ – a simple but foundational life-course strategy that allowed her to prepare for the many personal and professional challenges that came her way. And when that ‘came-out-of-nowhere’ moment threatened to rock Ann’s plan? She dug deep. She persevered.

Ann’s unique background and personal story is relatable, real, and just crazy enough to keep you coming back for more. A perfect ending to the EBS Answers Virtual Conference, Ann’s tales of lessons learned will help you discover how you can apply the three P’s to conquer your own obstacles in any facet of your career!