Ten Questions with Susan Behn

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eprentise asked EBS Answers Virtual Conference speaker Susan Behn from Infosemantics, Inc. 10 questions. Read our interview below to find out what her best travel tip is, when she recommends that you “get out of the way,” and why superusers, DBAs and system administrators will benefit from attending her presentation.

  1. What’s your morning routine like?
    I typically walk my beagle from 6:30-7:15am then come home, shower, make coffee and start work.
  2. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?  
    (1) Stick to the facts. Everything else is unnecessary drama.
    (2) Don’t complain unless you have a recommended solution to the complaint.
  3. What apps/software/tools can’t you live without?
    Microsoft Office
  4. What’s your best time-saving tip or shortcut?  
    As a traveler, I keep toiletries, umbrella and other essentials in my suitcase. I only have to pack clothes.
  5. How did you get into the EBS space?
    I worked at Spectravision and we purchased Oracle EBS to replace home-grown applications.
  6. What do you think are the biggest challenges that EBS customers face, and what do they do about them?
    The biggest challenge is customers tend to be reactive rather than proactive and this results in companies not being able to successfully take advantage of growth opportunities because their systems won’t support it.
  7. Based on your experience, what is the most critical success factor in an EBS implementation?
    Make sure the executives support the project and allow internal resources the time necessary to make decisions and test. Backfill daily jobs with temps if necessary. 
  8. What projects were your most successful, and why?
    Projects that are most successful have realistic expectations and a solid team approach.  We start with a realistic plan and stick to the plan.  In short, get in, get it done and then get out of the way.
  9. Can you give us a sneak peak and tell us what we can expect at your speech/presentation at the EBS Answers Virtual Conference?
    Role based access control along with function and data security using permissions and grants is one of those areas where customers tend to bury their head in the sand and learn about only when absolutely necessary.  We are trying to make sure customers don’t get caught off guard in this area with the changes that are required.  Additionally, this model is the baseline for the security in the cloud products.  Understanding this now will help customers as they continue to adopt a co-existence strategy implementing cloud products where it makes sense.
  10. Who should attend this presentation?
    Anyone responsible for deciding who has access to what data and functions – typically superusers for all modules.  DBAs and system administrators will also benefit.

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